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Dear Friends

As we are beginning to allow ourselves to look forward to release from lockdown and restrictions, hopefully from 21st June, I would ask you this week to spare a thought and a prayer for the people of Gaza whose lives continue to be severely restricted and have been for a long time. At the moment, or at least as I write, there is a ceasefire in hostilities but this comes after about 250 deaths, most of them Palestinian, in Gaza and including more than 100 women and children.

The history of Palestine is chilling, there is now only 15% of the original historic Palestine left as the state of Israel has encroached, particularly since 1947, further and further into the land considered to be the Holy Land. Gaza and the Gaza strip is a coastal region separated from the rest of the area still considered to be Palestine. As we know it’s a hot-bed of conflict.

The issue it seems to me, is not about taking sides, its not about being pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli, it’s about the suffering of innocent people, its about death and destruction of lives, families, homes, businesses, neighbourhoods and its about what we can do to support those who are suffering right now and most of the suffering is in Gaza.
So I ask you to pray this prayer as often as you can.

O God the creator of all life we bring before you all the people who call Israel and Palestine home. We particularly remember those living in Jerusalem and Gaza whose lives are marred by restrictions to their freedom, the threat of eviction from their homes and the constant fear of armed conflict
We ask your forgiveness for the anger, hatred and violence that all of us have the potential to carry within us
We beseech you to soften hearts and open minds so that the sanctity of life is always protected, the right to freedom of worship upheld and the security of a safe home defended.
We pray that justice will flow like rivers. That human dignity will be respected and, that each of us may strive to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with you our God.

There are many charities seeking financial help, if you are able to contribute something I urge you to do going Here... or call us on
01494 897950 Thank You

Revd Sian.