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Having nearly reached the age of 60 years Clement Shehiza has finally retired from his government position of being an educational officer. He now has more time on his hands and there has been a noticeable increase in the number of messages and photographs he sends me which can be overwhelming as I try to keep up with my responses. His favourite church is clearly Maramba B and at a recent church council meeting he was selected to be the internal auditor for its financial services. For this position he needs a new laptop and printer and asked if we could help with purchasing these items. It is not possible to follow up this request as his son Yustino also needed a computer and printer and we have just sent him the funds for this.

Yustino has taken on a three year course for a Bachelor Degree in Adult Education and Community Development attached to a university in Dar es Salaam. To put it simply this is basically training the trainee to help local communities. Clearly it is well worth supporting him as he will be in a position to help communities which is really the main purpose of any donations we send to Maramba.

The very good news is that Helen Gould, Walter and Hazel's second daughter is very keen to maintain the family connection with Maramba. She visited Maramba in 2019 with her mother and met many members of the community and in particular Clement. She is a great supporter of Yustino and has made generous contributions towards his educational fees. Likewise she is keen to support the link in many ways with a possible visit planned for next year. It is quite a relief to have someone prepared to help carry on the good work so long may it last.

Peter Metcalfe.