Who's Who


There are currently three clergy licensed to the Team:
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Team Rector
Rev’d Sian Harris
01584 819792
Team Vicor:
Rev’d Mark Inglis
Sue Team Associate Minister
Rev'd Dr Sue Foster.


Rev John kennedy,Rev Stephen Thomas, Rev Sylian Tilmer, Rev Ian Williams
Our members with permion to officiate conduct our Sunday Serves.


Our purpose is to make Christ known here
We participate in leadership and decision-making
We help to make things happen
We support one another.

Mark Inglis.

Kath Bills

Kath Bills.

Kevin Bryant

Kevin Bryant.

Sian Harris.

Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes.

Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas.

Ros Plested

Ros Plested.

The Tenbury Team Ministry was the first Team Ministry to be formed in the Hereford Diocese in the late seventies. Since its formation it has grown and now includes ten parishes and twelve churches.

Hereford Diocese has a very clear strategy of Local Ministry, which has been encouraged and developed across the parishes of the diocese. The laity and clergy share in leadership together, responding to the priorities set by the parishes and enabling everybody in the local community to share and grow in the Church’s mission and ministry.

Tenbury Team has embraced this and, following teaching on local ministry and proper consultation, a Local Ministry Development Group was called out in 2003. The licensed clergy members are joined by lay members, Kath Bills (Whitton), Michael Holmes (Whitton), Kevin Bryant (Tenbury), Mary Thomas (Burford), Ros Plested (St Michaels).
Although each lay member comes from their own parish there is a very real sense in which they, like the clergy, function across the whole Team Ministry.

The Local Ministry Development Group meets on the first Thursday of every month. At the meetings they have developed the pattern of discussing the Gospel for the following Sunday. They also spend time making shared decisions about the Team as a whole and seeing where there are new possibilities for mission and ministry, The lay members of the LMDG also lead and share in public worship across the Team Ministry, so time is also set aside for training and the sharing of ideas and resources.