Rev David Stoter.

Since lockdown most of us have had time to use in a different way freed of the normal distractions of life. The opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. Hopefully we have learnt things which will bring creative change to our lives

With our churches closed we have had time to focus on the core of our faith, our personal relationship with Jesus. Time to read our bibles and to pray. Jesus knew how to gift time even when busy. On one occasion when Jesus was rushing to the bedside of a sick child, surrounded by a crowd, he was so aware of what was happening around Him that He knew when a woman had touched Him. He stopped and turned to her, listened to her and healed her. Perhaps we can be more sensitive to what is happening around us.

We have had time to reflect and appreciate the wonderful army of key workers who we usually take for granted. The amazing staff of our wonderful NHS and care workers (paid a pittance).

The people who have enabled us to have food and essential goods. The collectors of rubbish, those who deliver post and parcels. The emergency services and armed forces who have put themselves at risk for us. The band of volunteers who have supported the most vulnerable. The providers of power, water and communications.

Time to appreciate family, friends and our brothers and sisters in Christ. May the Holy Spirit guide us to use out time wisely, to prioritise our focus on our relationships with God, our families, our friends and those in need

Revt. David Stoter