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From the Diocesan Prayer Diary produced quarterly.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for the Anglican Church in Sudan and Archbishop Ezekiel Kumir Kondo.

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for all that encourages and nurtures vocation within our Diocese, and for all who advise, discern and mentor, helping people to respond to an awareness of call and to access training and experience.

The Wider View:
If even well-equipped health-care systems in Europe have found handling Covid difficult, the Palestinian health-care service, burdened by budget shortages and fragmented administration, is bound to fare much worse. The Gaza Strip in particular is impacted by the ongoing blockade, making many treatments unavailable and meaning local health staff do not have up-to-date medical knowledge. Pray for these territories as cases there increase.

Team Cycle of Prayer:
This week we pray for the people and life of the parish of St Mary Magdalene Little Hereford.

Those who are sick or in need
Margaret & family, Sister Sue, Anna, Angela & Austin, Gill & Derek & family, Cecily Harrison, Glynis & David, Patty Thomas, Sarah & Carl Smith, Daniel Money, Michelle Marsh, Sandra Millichip, Ray Phillips, Michael & Ann, Eddie Howells, Garry, Bruce Waite, Lorraine Ghobraal, Beryl Palmer, Dawn Robert & Liam, Bev Foster, Lynne Ambrose, Mavis, Howard Cheese, Linda Perks, Prof.John Mitchell,Brenda.

Those who have died recently:
Please pray for the family & friends of:
Don James, Edith Collins, Ray Phillips.
We pray for those whose anniversaries fall at this time & for those who mourn.