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From the Diocesan Prayer Diary produced quarterly.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for the Scottish Episcopal Church and The Most Revd Mark Strange, Primus.

Pray for the Bromyard Deanery with Acting Rural Dean Steven Baggs, Lay Co-Chair Brenda Allan.

The Wider View:
The recent election of a hard-line leader in Iran focuses attention once again on the continued tensions of the Middle East, and the nuclear capabilities of both Israel and Iran. Pray there may not be a hardening of attitudes, and that a meaningful dialogue between the West and Iran may continue.

Team Cycle of Prayer:
This week we pray for the people and life of the parish of Nash & Boraston.

Those who are sick or in need:
Margaret & family, Sister Sue, Anna, Gill & Derek & family, Cecily Harrison, Glynis & David, Patty Thomas, Sarah & Carl Smith, Daniel Money, Michael & Ann, Garry, Bruce Waite, Beryl Palmer, Dawn Robert & Liam, Bev Foster, Lynne Ambrose, Mavis, Rashida, Richard, Barbara Smith, Audrey Pugh, Jim Hobbis, Peter Cope & family Joyce & Ted Mills.

Those who have died recently:
Please pray for the family & friends of:
Edith Whiteman.

We pray for those whose anniversaries fall at this time & for those who mourn.