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From the Diocesan Prayer Diary produced quarterly.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for the Church of Ireland.

Hereford Diocese:
Pray for the Leominster Deanery with Rural Dean Jane Davies, Lay Co-Chair Lydia Davies, Sub-Warden of Readers Culain Morris. Pray for the Maund and Burghill groups of parishes, to be transferred to Leominster deanery from Hereford

The Wider View:
Following our departure from the European Union and tensions over Covid vaccines and the border in Ireland, pray that the friendships built up over the years of contact between Hereford and Nuremberg dioceses – and similar links – may play a part in restoring trust, maintaining contact and conversation and reminding us that we belong together under God.

Team Cycle of Prayer:
This week we pray for the people and life of the parish of St James Greete.

Those who are sick or in need:
Margaret & family, Sister Sue, Anna, Gill & Derek & family, Cecily Harrison, Glynis & David, Patty Thomas, Sarah & Carl Smith, Daniel Money, Michael & Ann, Garry, Bruce Waite, Beryl Palmer, Dawn Robert & Liam, Bev Foster, Lynne Ambrose, Mavis, Rashida, Richard, Barbara Smith, Audrey Pugh, Jim Hobbis

Those who have died recently:
Please pray for the family & friends of:
John Moore, Thomas Beaumont, Patricia Cox, Kiki Flaxman, Jean Heldman, Paul Wellings, Brenda Williams, Ann Grosvenor, Hebti Hoosenally,
We pray for those whose anniversaries fall at this time & for those who mourn.