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From the Diocesan Prayer Diary produced quarterly.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for the Church of North India.

Hereford Diocese:
Pray that the ministry we offer at every level within our Diocese may affirm the rights, abilities and value of all, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity or background, and that in our planning, decisions and selection and appointment processes we may reflect this as a mission priority..

The Wider View:
On World Refugee Day pray for the many refugees in our world living in poverty and danger, and often in host countries that are themselves desperately poor. Pray the time may be hastened when everyone will have a safe place to call home, and a full stomach at the end of each day.

Team Cycle of Prayer:
This week we pray for the people and life of the parish of St Peter’s Coreley with The Knowle.

Those who are sick or in need:
Margaret & family, Sister Sue, Anna, Gill & Derek & family, Cecily Harrison, Glynis & David, Patty Thomas, Sarah & Carl Smith, Daniel Money, Michael & Ann, Garry, Bruce Waite, Beryl Palmer, Dawn Robert & Liam, Bev Foster, Lynne Ambrose, Mavis, Rashida, Richard, Barbara Smith, Audrey Pugh, Jim Hobbis, Peter Cope & family Joyce & Ted Mills.

Those who have died recently:
Please pray for the family & friends of:
Dave Wiltshire, June Radnor, Cecil Young, Sylvia Stout, Renate Wear, Ron Beavan, Bill Austin, Graham Ward, Dan Coleman.

We pray for those whose anniversaries fall at this time & for those who mourn.