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From the Diocesan Prayer Diary produced quarterly.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for The Episcopal Church with The Most Revd Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop.

Pray for all that encourages and nurtures vocation within our Diocese, and for those who advise, discern and mentor, helping people to take seriously their sense of being called to Christian ministry of various kinds, and to access the training and experience they need.

The Wider View:
Give thanks for the good news from Tanzania that all health workers are being offered the Covid vaccine. Pray that they will not be influenced by the anti-vaccination views of the late President, and that they will be willing to accept the offer.

Team Cycle of Prayer:
This week we pray for the people and life of the parish of St James Greete

Those who are sick or in need:
Margaret & family, Sister Sue, Anna, Gill & Derek & family, Christine & Robert, Cecily Harrison, Patty Thomas, Daniel Money, Michael & Ann, Garry, Bruce Waite, Beryl Palmer, Dawn, Robert & Liam, Bev Foster, Mavis, Jim Hobbis & Viv, Elaine Chell, Peter Cope & family, Joyce, June Davenhill, Pat Nott.

Those who have died recently:
Please pray for the family & friends of:
Pauline Simmonds, Lynne Ambrose, Barbara Measham, Emma Pocknell, Bill King.

We pray for those whose anniversaries falls at this time & for those who mourn.