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This Week:
As we celebrate Bible Sunday, pray for the Bible Societies and for all who encourage the reading, study and discussion of God’s word. Pray too for Bible study groups and meetings in our parishes, and now very often using Zoom and other social media platforms. Pray for all who work to translate the Scriptures, and to make them available to new eyes and hearts. Simon and Jude, who shared day falls this week, may be ‘bit players’ among the disciples, but they were among those present on the Day of Pentecost. Pray for the Church today to be bold in mission and apostolic in faith and service.

Martin Luther is commemorated this week: pray for the Lutheran churches of the world, giving especial thanks for the links fostered through the Porvoo Communion, bringing together Anglicans from these islands and the Lutheran churches of the Baltic, and also for our own links with Nuremberg.

International Brain Tumour Awareness Week begins on Monday – this is the cancer most likely to kill those aged under forty. Pray for research and treatment and give thanks for the advances made so far.

Hallowe’en has become a major industry over recent years, promoted in high street shops and supermarkets. What should be a reminder of the dangers of the dark has instead become a celebration of them. Pray we may be effective and persuasive in our celebration of the light, and pray also for the safety of children, for example as they go ‘trick or treating’, particularly with regard to the present restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic.

All Souls:
There will be a Commemoration of All Souls service this year on Sunday 1st November at 4pm (but numbers are limited). We won’t be able to have lists in church this year so names to be read out need to be emailed or phoned to office or a note put through the office letterbox, before Thursday 29th October please.

The service on 25th October will be a Communion service instead of Morning Prayer.

‘Comfort & Joy’:
Available as a booklet, 80p. Beginning on Christmas Day and ending on 2 January, each day explores a Bible reading and a familiar carol, encouraging us to look with fresh eyes at how the timeless truth of Christmas might shape our lives in these extraordinary times. If you would like a copy please contact the office or Rev Sian.

Services are restarting at Cornerstone with the first at 3pm on Sunday 20th September. Services will be on 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month.

If anyone is looking for lockdown resources for prayer, building your faith, for children at home, faith based help and guidance for your well-being and small ‘reaching out to others’ postable gifts, is worth having a look at.

RSCM are offering a hymn sing-along daily and on Sundays – a short act of Worship. Please click Here....