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This Week
Is kept as English Tourism Week. After a difficult year, and with many restrictions still in place, many tourism jobs have been lost and some venues may not re-open. Pray that as restrictions are lifted it may be possible tor restore a vibrant tourism sector, which is an important part of our economy.

Waiting lists at our hospitals have reached record levels, and one area where lists are particularly long is for orthopaedic operations. Pray for those who remain in pain and disability as they continue to wait for a date to be set for the operation they need.

Word Immunisation Week encourages prayer for immunisation against the Covid virus to be widely available, and for all that is being done to enable this but also for other important immunisation campaigns, some of which have suffered because of the pandemic as well as because of shortage of resources and sometimes a prejudice against “western medicine".

This is also MS Awareness Week – pray for all within our churches and communities who are living with this progressive and disabling disease, and for all that is being done to enable mobility and participation, and to develop effective treatments.

Allergy Awareness Week this year is concentrating on childhood food allergies which can be life threatening, especially at the time of weaning.

Pray for those who run the small shops which serve our village communities and who have been something of a lifeline for many while travel has been restricted. Pray they may continue to find support as things open up. In our towns, many small shops have not survived the lockdown and will not reopen – pray for those who have lost businesses and for the revival of our town centres.

In the week of St George’s Day, pray for the people of England, and that we may celebrate and affirm our identity as a diverse, welcoming and tolerant society. The day is also kept as English Language Day.

ZOOM services.
will be on Sunday's at 11.00am.
For privacy and security purposes the ZOOM service can only be joined by invitation and so would those of you who would like to join please email me on to let me know and I can send you an invitation as well as some guidelines about ZOOM. For those of you who have never used ZOOM before – I’m very happy to run some test sessions so that you can become familiar with it.

Now that all our parishes are in lock down we must be even more vigilant and careful NOT TO MINGLE OR MIX AT ALL WITH OTHERS FROM OUTSIDE OUR OWN HOUSEHOLD. Effectively this means all conversations can only take place if there is at least 2 metres between everyone speaking, whether indoors or outdoors. Choir members may use the vestry only to robe and once robed please proceed immediately to your place in the choir stalls and please ensure you are at least 2 metres from the person next to you; the same is true for everyone in the congregation – only households may sit together.

If anyone is looking for lockdown resources for prayer, building your faith, for children at home, faith based help and guidance for your well-being and small ‘reaching out to others’ postable gifts, is worth having a look at.

RSCM are offering a hymn sing-along daily and on Sundays – a short act of Worship. Please click Here....