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On Monday 19th July we found ourselves out of lockdown and legal restrictions and this applies to the whole of our life including of course, our church life. However it’s one thing to no longer be restricted and quite another to readjust to a way of life from now on. In the Church of England we have been told that congregations can now sing and that we can resume the use of the chalice as a common cup during Holy Communion. We have also been told that the decisions and responsibility lie with the incumbent - so that’s (Revd Sian with Revd Mark.) We have discussed our way forward in the 10 parishes of the Tenbury Team and above all we think our approach should be cautious and consultative.We therefore propose the following:

• Everyone is tolerant and accepting of the precautions that we as individuals wish to continue with so that continued mask wearing and sitting apart, whilst no longer obligatory in church buildings, is understood.

• That we reintroduce congregational singing from Sunday 25th July but, not in any parishes where the congregation does not wish to sing.

• That we (Revd Sian and Revd Mark) consult with each parish about the reintroduction of the chalice as a common cup - many of you may feel very uncomfortable about this and so we think that this should not be done until every member of the congregation is happy to share the chalice with others. In practice this means that ministers presiding will continue to intinct wafers from the chalice so that everyone receives the bread and wine in one, as we have been doing for several months. Please be aware that individual ministers may also continue to have concerns about the common cup and so depending on who is presiding, it may not be possible to share the chalice at every communion service.

• We continue to share The Peace only with those immediately around us without hand shaking and walking around again, as we have been in recent months.

• Refreshments after services may be resumed but, safely for all involved.

• We maintain a list of contact details for those attending Sunday services.

Please do contact either Revd Sian Here.. or Revd Mark Here.. should you wish to discuss any of these proposals.Let’s now look forward with great hope and trust in our life and fellowship together, in thanksgiving for God’s steadfast love for us.
Revd Sian.

25th July is kept as National Schizophrenia Awareness Day. Pray for all who live with this condition, and for a greater understanding of their issues and needs. Mental health facilities have come under great pressure over the past year and a half – pray that they may be properly and fully resourced.

This is National Marine Week. It is sponsored by the Wildlife Trusts to raise awareness of our coasts and marine environments. Pray for those taking part in activities in many coastal resorts, and for greater awareness of the Seashore Code, helping to protect small creatures and their environment and to reduce litter and waste.

Thursday commemorates Mary, Martha and Lazarus, companions of Jesus. Pray for the work of the Society of Mary and Martha at Sheldon, Exeter, providing solace and support for clergy and other ministers and their families, offering and enabling retreats as well as online. Pray for the community of Sheldon, and for all the work of the house, and for all that promotes the wellbeing of clergy and other ministers.

Friday is the World Day against the Trafficking of Persons. This remains a major problem in our world, and includes those who as refugees or economic migrants are duped into placing themselves into the hands of unscrupulous people. Friday also remembers the anti-slavery campaigners William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson. Slavery of various kinds is still a scar on the face of our world – pray for the freedom of those who are still treated as possessions by others.

Pray for safety on our roads as the school holidays begin, and for all who seek to ensure that our roads are as safe as they can be, including those responsible for inspection and repair and signage, breakdown organisations, and members of the police and other emergency services.

The International Day of Friendship on 30th July reminds us how important friendship is, and to value those with whom we share it. Pray for all that within our church life encourages and sponsors friendship, and for those who feel friendless and lonely.

Diocesan strategy:
The Bishop of Hereford is consulting about a new strategy for our Diocese and wants nominations to take part in a zoom meeting - you need to be available at 7.00pm on 20th July and have access to zoom to take part. On this occasion the Bishop is asking for women or anyone aged 18-30 to take part. If you are interested please email Mark.

ZOOM services.
will be on Sunday's at 5.00pm.
For privacy and security purposes the ZOOM service can only be joined by invitation and so would those of you who would like to join please email me on to let me know and I can send you an invitation as well as some guidelines about ZOOM. For those of you who have never used ZOOM before – I’m very happy to run some test sessions so that you can become familiar with it.

RSCM are offering a hymn sing-along daily and on Sundays – a short act of Worship. Please click Here....