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As Advent begins, may the light of Christ, rising in glory, banish all darkness from our hearts and lives. Pray for Advent events, including special services and courses of study, and that the keeping of this season as a time of preparation may not be swamped by the tide of the commercial Christmas

Andrew is celebrated as the first Christian missionary, having brought his brother Simon Peter to Jesus; and the eve of St Andrew’s Day is designated a day of prayer for the Church in mission. Pray for the mission organisations of the Church of England and of the wider Communion, and for mission from everywhere to everywhere, in which all can learn, give, and receive.

The deacon Nicholas Ferrar, commemorated on Saturday, founded the religious community at Little Gidding with his extended family. The community had no Rule, vows or enclosure, but there would always be someone praying, they lived simply and had a strict daily routine. Pray for communities today seeking to live in a simple way together, in the service of Christ.

National Tree Week this week may well be marked by tree planting activities, and is a reminder of the importance of trees, particularly as we look to a more sustainable way of life and aim to reduce climate change. Give thanks for our trees, and pray we may conserve and expand woodland areas.

Computer Security Day on Tuesday aims to ensure that our IT equipment is secure and protected - a reminder too of how much we depend on computer technology in all aspects of our lives - a useful tool that can do great harm if used badly or thoughtlessly - pray for caution and care, and thought for others.

World AIDS Day is Wednesday, and Thursday marks the Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Pray for the continuing campaign to combat HIV, and for effective AIDS education; pray too for the many people in our world who still live in conditions of virtual slavery, and for their freedom.