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This Week:
Pray for those due to be ordained as deacons today, and their parishes: Jo Burden (West Hereford), Lawrence Gittins (Ludlow), Tiffany Jackson (Ross), Joe Simons (Cleobury Mortimer), Katie Smith (Kingsland).

World Tourism Day falls this week: pray for countries who are very dependant on tourism and have been severely affected by Covid, and that we may travel safely, and be aware of its potential health and environmental impact. In the week of Michaelmas, pray for all who feel under attack as Christians and for the Church where it is persecuted and abused.

Wool Week this week prompts prayer for local sheep farmers as the wool price continues to fall, leaving some farmers to burn or compost fleeces they can’t sell. October is Lupus Awareness Month. This systemic auto-immune disease involves the immune system attacking your own body’s tissues and organs: pray for research and care.

Harvest Festivals:
11th October at 4pm, a Harvest Celebration Service and Picnic Tea in the church. Your picnic needs to be completely self-contained. Please also bring packaged food as an offering to go to Tenbury Foodbank.
St Michaels.
4th October at 11.30am, an act of worship followed by bring your own picnic on the cloisters lawn (in church if wet) and concert by Red Madog with donations for church. Packaged food offerings for Tenbury Foodbank.

Since lockdown the foodbank has expanded its role in the community. I have managed to keep it going after losing volunteers who had to shield. My family have been helping me but one is off to Durham, one off to Oxford and my wife is going back to work. If you want to get involved and are not in a high risk category, please get in touch. Rev Mark Inglis.

Services are restarting at Cornerstone with the first at 3pm on Sunday 20th September. Services will be on 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month.

If anyone is looking for lockdown resources for prayer, building your faith, for children at home, faith based help and guidance for your well-being and small ‘reaching out to others’ postable gifts, is worth having a look at.

RSCM are offering a hymn sing-along daily and on Sundays – a short act of Worship. Please click Here....