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Wednesday is the world Day of International Criminal Justice, marking the anniversary of the Rome Statute adopted in 1998. The day aims to unite all who support justice and work to prevent crimes that threaten peace, security and well-being in our world.

Pray for those places where the rule of law is flawed, misused or effectively absent, and for all who are unjustly imprisoned.

“St Swithun's Day, if it do rain, full forty days, it will remain. St Swithun's Day, if it be fair, for forty days, t'will rain no more.” So the rhyme goes - Monday is the day of Swithun, Bishop of Winchester in the 9th Century, and the legend may prompt prayer for those who forecast the weather, and for those whose work is weather-dependant, including farmers and growers.

Pray for all who are planning and preparing summer fetes and other community events at this time, and for all whose fund raising efforts play an important part in sustaining our churches, charities and community organisations.

Give thanks for all who bring music and drama to our local communities - for local choirs, am-dram groups, folk bands etc, and for touring companies visiting village halls, churches etc to perform. Pray too for all who help foster and encourage a love of art, music and drama among the young.

As the school year ends, pray for those families that will struggle to afford a holiday away, and for those children who may face neglect while schools are closed.

Pray for churches and community groups planning and preparing summer activities for children and families.

July is kept as Good Care Month, with the aim of celebrating all kinds of kind and caring acts, and honouring those who care for others.

Pray for our residential and care homes, for those who care in the community, and for all who need to receive care and support from others. As the new government takes office, pray that the provision of effective care in the community may be a priority for attention and funding.


Claire Lording:
A lot of you remember Claire so she has sent a message and reports that she is fine. She is waiting to start treatment for breast cancer and is keen for everyone to know.

Burford Fete: Sunday 14th July Fete 2.00pm - 4.00pm Burford Church and grounds.