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This area is for local news that people may want to share. Please do let Julie know of anything you’d like put in here.

The Church of England released its Advice on the Administration of Holy Communion. Over the past few weeks each of our PCCs have met and amongst the many topics of discussion was what service we would have once we are allowed to return to church to worship. Up until yesterday all advice given by the C of E implied that Holy Communion would not be possible whereas in fact, we now find that it is.

However, the restrictions and constraints are such that congregations need to know in advance what to expect when Holy Communion is reintroduced:

There is to be no sharing of the Peace through physical contact.

Everyone attending church must use hand sanitiser on entrance and exit and everyone wishing to receive communion will be required to ALSO use hand sanitiser before and after receiving the bread.

Communion for the congregation will be in one kind – bread only

Intinction cannot be practised

The bread and wine are not to be brought up to the altar but are to be put on the credence table at the beginning of the service

There will be no chalice assistants required and no servers to help

Those wishing to receive communion may not use the altar rail but must stand in a line, two metres apart.

The priest is (preferably) to wear a face covering

The priest will approach the communicants and is required to “drop the consecrated bread into the hands of communicants”

If the hands of the priest and the hands of the communicant accidentally touch then hand sanitiser is to be used by both immediately

Holy Communion is to be administered in silence, the words ‘the body of Christ’ are not said

The priest is to use hand sanitiser immediately before and following distribution

Since we have only just received this advice from the Church of England and because PCCs are not due to meet again soon, as a Team Ministry ie every Parish in Tenbury Team Ministry, should adhere to each PCCs recent agreement that Morning or Evening Prayer is to be used at every service, at least during the month of July.

I am very aware that some of you are longing to receive Holy Communion once again and I fully understand this. Anyone feeling this way should contact me (01584 819792 or as soon as possible and it may be that a service of Holy Communion can be arranged for those who would like to receive and who are happy to do so within the conditions set out above.

Being able to return to church for collective worship is something to celebrate and to feel joyful about and this applies not only to the occasion itself but also to the content of the service.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing those of you who are able to return to church and my thoughts and prayers are with those who cannot yet.


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