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As we commemorate the apostle and evangelist Matthew, may we give thanks for the Gospel that bears his name, and pray we may share in creative ways the story it tells. Ember Days have often been days on which we pray for vocations and for all who are considering a call to ministry. Pray for those presently in training or just beginning, for those newly ordained as deacon and priest, and for new vocations for every kind of ministry.

This is Recycle Week in the UK. There is immense scope for improving our ability to recycle, and too much that we think is recycled is still either dumped or burned. Pray for schemes that aim to increase the range of things that can be recycled, and for inventive ideas for how materials can find a second use.

In Fire Door Safety Week, pray for all who seek to improve safety in our homes, and for our local firefighters across our diocese, many of whom are retained firefighters rather than full-timers.

Tuesday is kept as the International Day of Peace: pray for all who are the victims of war and of the violence of others, and that the desire for peace might be planted in the hearts of all.

National Eye Health Week begins this week, and one of its main aims is just to encourage people to check their eyes, and to perhaps get them tested. Slight deteriorations over a period of time may pass unnoticed.

The week may also prompt our prayers for the many people in our world who lack access to eye treatment, and for whom curable conditions may instead result in blindness.

Pray too for those (e.g. Mercy Ships) who bring medical help to people who might not otherwise receive it.

22nd September is considered to be the first day of Autumn; it also begins Seed Gathering Season, a month-long campaign by the Tree Council to encourage the gathering of seeds, fruits and nuts that can be used to grow the trees of the future.

Climate Change
There are two extremely serious problems facing us all. The first is the coronavirus pandemic that has affected everybody but which will in time be brought under control due to the vaccination programme. The second problem is climate change, this affects the entire planet, all humanity, all creatures, all environment and there is no vaccination to put it right. In November the member states of COP26 are meeting in Glasgow to discuss climate change and more importantly to discuss ways in which the whole world can unite to address the problems and consequent devastation that climate change is already causing. Please take some time in your day to pray about this and our part in the problem and the solution.
Revd Sian

Lord God, you made the world and declared it was ‘very good’. And yet, we have not treated the earth and our fellow humans with the care and respect they deserve. We are sorry and ask for your forgiveness. Give us the courage to keep raising our voices about the climate emergency, which affects people living in poverty the worst. And may your Spirit of peace be in the hearts of all people, so that conflicts end in peace, and relationships are restored.

Creator God, we acknowledge that as your handiwork, we stand alongside all that you have made. Trees and rivers, mountains and valleys, soaring birds and scuttling creatures, all are held within your care. May we grow in our love and appreciation for the fabulous variety around us; and may our awe and wonder draw us closer to the natural world, and through it to you, the God of all things.
(Prayers from Tearfund)

Harvest Festival around the Team:
Little Hereford Friday 1st October 7.30pm followed by supper
Clee Hill Sunday 3rd October 1100am
St Michaels Sunday 3rd October 11.00am followed by bring and share lunch
Coreley Sunday 3rd October 3pm followed by produce auction.
Boraston Sunday 3rd October 4.00pm
Burford Sunday 10th October 11.30am followed by lunch.
Whitton Sunday 10th October 11.30am followed by lunch.
Tenbury Sunday 10th October 4.00pm followed by supper.
Hope Bagot Sunday 17th October 4.30pm.
Greete Sunday 17th October 6.30pm Harvest Songs & Praise.


On Monday 19th July we found ourselves out of lockdown and legal restrictions and this applies to the whole of our life including of course, our church life. However it’s one thing to no longer be restricted and quite another to readjust to a way of life from now on. In the Church of England we have been told that congregations can now sing and that we can resume the use of the chalice as a common cup during Holy Communion. We have also been told that the decisions and responsibility lie with the incumbent - so that’s (Revd Sian with Revd Mark.) We have discussed our way forward in the 10 parishes of the Tenbury Team and above all we think our approach should be cautious and consultative.We therefore propose the following:

• Everyone is tolerant and accepting of the precautions that we as individuals wish to continue with so that continued mask wearing and sitting apart, whilst no longer obligatory in church buildings, is understood.

• That we reintroduce congregational singing from Sunday 25th July but, not in any parishes where the congregation does not wish to sing.

• That we (Revd Sian and Revd Mark) consult with each parish about the reintroduction of the chalice as a common cup - many of you may feel very uncomfortable about this and so we think that this should not be done until every member of the congregation is happy to share the chalice with others. In practice this means that ministers presiding will continue to intinct wafers from the chalice so that everyone receives the bread and wine in one, as we have been doing for several months. Please be aware that individual ministers may also continue to have concerns about the common cup and so depending on who is presiding, it may not be possible to share the chalice at every communion service.

• We continue to share The Peace only with those immediately around us without hand shaking and walking around again, as we have been in recent months.

• Refreshments after services may be resumed but, safely for all involved.

• We maintain a list of contact details for those attending Sunday services.

Please do contact either Revd Sian Here.. or Revd Mark Here.. should you wish to discuss any of these proposals.Let’s now look forward with great hope and trust in our life and fellowship together, in thanksgiving for God’s steadfast love for us.
Revd Sian.

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