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Friday 2nd November
Tenbury 6.30pm -All Souls service

4th November -All Saints Sunday
Burford. 11.00am - Holy Communion BCP.
Clee Hill. 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Coreley. 3.00pm - Holy Communion CW.
Hope Bagot. 9.15am - Holy Communion BCP.
Nash. 11.00am - Holy Communion.
St Michaels. 10.00am - Family Service
Tenbury. 9.15 am - Family Service.

11th November- Remembrance Sunday.
Boraston 10.45am -Remembrance Communion CW.
Burford 4.00pm -Evensong BCP.
Clee Hill 6.30pm - Festival of Remembrance.
Coreley 3.00pm - Remembrance Service.
Little Hereford 10.00am - Remembrance Family Service.
St Michaels 11.00am -Choral Communion CW.
Tenbury 10.45am - Remembrance Service.
Whitton 10.45am - Remembrance Matins.
18th November - 2 before Advent.
Burford 11.00am - Holy Communion BCP.
Clee Hill 11.00am - Criss Cross.
Coreley 3.00pm - Evensong CW.
Greete 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.
Hope Baggot 4.30pm - Evensong BCP.
Little Hereford 9.15am - Holy Communion BCP.
Nash 11.00am - Morning Prayer.
St Michaels 11.00am - Morning Prayer.
Tenbury 9.15am - Parish Communion CW

25th November - Christ the King.
Boraston 11.00am -Morning Prayer CW.
Burford 10.00am - Family Service.
  1.00pm - Baptism.
Clee Hill 11.00am - Morning Prayer.
Little Hereford 2.30pm - Baptism
St Michaels 11.00am - Holy Communion BCP.
Tenbury 9.15am - Parish Communion CW.
Whitton 11.00am - Holy Communion CW.