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Dear Friends,


When you get this letter it will certainly be autumn but at the moment the weather is fine and quite warm. It is better weather than the summer and I have been writing an evaluation of Love Tenbury.

Just to refresh your memories there were a series of free events in the summer that included, two movies, two bus trips, a tea dance, games and other activities along with two invitations to worship. Overall nearly 600 people were involved throughout the week and despite some dodgy weather the feedback we received was really good. Many people were surprised to find the church involved in such things and several people tried to pay because our society doesn’t give anything away, there is always a catch. But not this time – all the activities were free.

I met lots of people, and talked to lots of people, nearly all of whom don’t come to church except for weddings, baptisms and funerals and for the occasional other big event. These people are our friends, our neighbours and our families and it was a privilege to get to know just a few of them. Many people are much closer to God than we think and God is at work within our towns and villages in lots of different ways and He invites us to join in.

Next month I will be publishing details of Love Tenbury : Love Christmas. I hope there willbe more movies, more activities for families as well as an invitation to join us in Church for Carols and more. Christmas is coming! If you want to help; get in touch. If you have ideas; get in touch.

Revd Mark Ingls.