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(Extract from report to APCM's) The three big issues I would like PCC’s to take seriously, as you already do - these are mission and money and attendance.

I think we can all foresee that our Diocese will be under financial pressure in the years ahead and that means we all have to look at our personal giving, giving of existing members and creating fundraising events. This is in the context of a huge cost of living crisis that will affect seriously at least some of our friends and neighbours. Please think and pray about this and then take the actions that make sense in your Parish context.

Secondly, the God has a mission for all of us and the main purpose of the local church is to reach out to our communities with the message of love and hope in the name of our saviour Jesus. We all need to think and pray and then act about how we continue to do that in the context we find ourselves in. Do continue to invite people to church when you can and discuss these issues in PCC’s and also informally among yourselves

Thirdly, as Isaid earlier most of our congregations have come back and we are most grateful for this. However, some folks have not come back and we miss them but understand why they are still being cautious with Covid. A few others have left the area, some of our brothers and sisters have sadly died. And of course we have welcomed a few new people too. Some of our churches remain very vulnerable both by small attendances and lack of people to fill the important offices. Again think and pray and act over the year to come as we explore together how we can reach more people with good news.

Here are some words from a recent sermon I wrote

But in the end I want you to know Jesus. In the end when I think of the people not here, it not just because I’d like to see a bigger church, it’s not just that I’d like more volunteers or more giving and all that – it is that, but more importantly it’s that loads of folks don’t know who Jesus is, and how important that is, to life right now, but also the life that is to come – they don’t know Jesus,

I want you to know him, not in an abstract way. Not in a balance sheet way, not because of doctrine, but because of who he is and what he is doing in your life right now – this is knowing Jesus through faith, a real faith, a living faith, a vibrant faith, a faith that overflows in compassion for others and faith that is visible and powerful and changes us and changes the world,

Can you grasp hold of that, can we grasp hold of that reality that can seem distant in troubling times.

Mark Inglis, Team Vicar