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It has been said that the only thing that is constant is change – this oxymoron is really a selfcontradiction since change means not constant! This of course is what is happening in the world today – the Covid-19 regulations change daily. Overall the unprecedented biological advent of the virus to the world is a major change.

We can think back over history of major changes that were unexpected and did not match up with the anticipated laws of physics, chemistry, biology, and peace. Examples are the Noah flood, the Joshua extra-long day, the Virgin Birth of Jesus, the start of the Christian church, the lead poison downfall of the Roman empire, and so on, bringing us to the totally unanticipated world curse of Covid-19 and its family of variants

What is often forgotten until such things happen is that there are forces greater than the laws ‘discovered’ by humans – the forces of good and evil.

These today battle as in Jesus’s parable of the co-existing wheat and weeds, but we have a sure faith that at the end God will be supreme over all with the banishment of evil.

That will be another major change in the world disobeying concepts at the human level

In my last ‘thoughts’ article the emphasis was upon the original Advent of Jesus – His birth. However, the other aspect of Advent is the anticipatory celebration of Jesus’s return to Earth to collect up all those who have put their trust in Him and His Father God and to convey them to ‘His Father’s House.’ The sudden otherwise inexplicable resurrection of the dead and absence of Christians from Earth will be the major of all major changes. Until that day, which no-one can diarise, we must keep the faith and encourage one another to look forward in Christ and not forget the power of God which is above all forces. As it says on the front of my 2021 diary – ‘Don’t look back – you’re not going that way.’