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Covid numbers have been rising at a worrying rate with more people being admitted to hospital and that is before the seasonal flu kicks in. Winter pressure is a harsh reality for the NHS, without second wave covid. Yes we have the nightingale hospitals, but who will staff them? There is no reserve bank of Drs, Nurses, Physiotherapists and support staff. The knock-on effects of this could be massive with rapidly growing waiting lists, operations postponed, diagnoses delayed, treatments delayed. Friends of mine in the NHS are very concerned and angry with the cavalier attitude of some of the public to the rules put in place to keep people safe. The attitude that no one is going to tell me what to do is selfish and dangerous.

In this week when we have commemorated the Battle of Britain we are reminded of the sacrifices of those young men and also of the privations of the people of the country whose liberties were seriously curtailed for 6+ years with blackouts, rationing and for many long term separation from loved ones.

This Sunday's Epistle reading reminds us of the love and humility of Jesus in accepting extreme privation, suffering and death for us. All of us need to accept the restrictions and inconveniences as we imitate as far as we can loving our neighbour as well as ourselves.