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Dear Friends,

As I have told you before, I love to sing and singing hymns is an important part of my worship in church. Unless we belong to a church choir, most of us have not been allowed to sing in church because it has been an important safety measure during covid. I have, when preparing worship, used some of that time to read through hymns as many of them contain detailed theology and profound thoughts. Often, in the days following a Sunday service, I have used some hymn words in my prayers and I offer the following hymn and invite you to use them in your prayers too. They are beautiful but challenging words and, I think, good words to vocalise as personal prayers

Forth in your name, O Lord, I go,
my daily labour to pursue,
you only, Lord, resolved to know
in all I think or speak or do.

The task your wisdom has assigned
here let me cheerfully fulfil;
in all my work your presence find,
and prove your good and perfect will.

You may I set at my right hand,
whose eyes my inmost secrets view,
and labour on at your command
and offer all my work to you.

Help me to bear your easy yoke,
in every moment watch and pray,
and still to things eternal look
and hasten to that glorious day.

Then with delight may I employ
all that your bounteous grace has given,
and run my earthly course with joy,
and closely walk with you in heaven.

By Charles Wesley.

Revd Sue.