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Dear Friends,

I have just recently returned from two weeks holiday. We had a lovely time, visited family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves however our holiday was not the one anticipated at the beginning of the year. I’m not the sort of person who yearns to go to distant shores or who is a sunseeker, but I do like to go to the seaside to see and hear the sea. This year I did not feel comfortable with the idea of staying in a hotel so staying at the seaside will have to wait for a later date. I expect many of you will have had a similar experience and may also have similar concerns so this week I have chosen a poem about the tide for us all to read, pray with and perhaps to stir memories of seaside holidays with happy memories

The Tidal Patterns of Prayer by Joyce Rupp.
The rolling rhythm
of the boundless sea
washes over small, grey stones
tossed upon the sandy beach.

Wave after successive wave
draws the surrendered stones
back and forth, back and forth,
until they lift their voices
in pebbled harmony

The music of the stones settles
into momentary silence, rests in the cradle of the sea’s candescence,
enraptured in the pause before the great water turns,
moves them outward,
drawing them beyond the comforting beach,
towards the vague darkness of the deep sea’s mystery.

In such a way, the Beloved
gathers the gray pebbles of my prayer,
stirs the endless rhythms of grace,
until my heart, too,
circles and tumbles with the cadence of love

Like gray stones on the beach
my soul dances
in the movement, rests in the silence,
then takes the emptying journey
into darkness,

there to remain in trust, waiting to be drawn
towards the welcoming shores
of consolation.

Revd Sue.